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Introducing Ambition Scholarships

Ambition Scholarships are gift cards and other rewards that teenagers can receive by completing short courses on the Ambition app.

Below is a short video for teens that introduces Ambition Scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are courses about?

Our courses were designed to help teens be successful now and in the future. Our courses cover skills like how to ask for help, how to plan ahead, and how to manage your money. These skills will help you get closer to your dreams.


How do courses work?
Courses are 7 days long, but you can take however long you need to complete them. Go at your own pace. Each day takes about 10 minutes to complete. You can take whatever course you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want. The choice is yours!

Why are Ambition Scholarships Amazon gift cards? 

That's the closest thing to cash we can give out. You can find almost anything on Amazon. Teens who have received our gift cards have bought wigs on Amazon to practice styling hair, or school supplies, or electronics, or clothes, or Chipotle gift cards, or whatever. At the end of the day, it’s your money, it’s your choice. 

Why do I have to verify that I'm a high school or middle school student?

Ambition Scholarships are for teens only! Adults can take our courses, but they can’t earn Ambition Scholarships, aka gift cards. 

Who pays for the gift cards?

The gift cards are donated by people who care about teens and want you to succeed. If a teen is willing to invest time and effort in themselves to develop skills, then our generous donors are willing to reward that high schooler or middle schooler.

Why is it called Ambition and Ambition Scholarships?

Ambition is defined as, “a strong desire to do something or achieve something, typically requiring hard work and determination.” Your dreams won’t come easy. Most of your dreams will require hard work and determination. Graduating from college will take hard work and determination. Having a successful career will take hard work and determination. Being a good person, having strong relationships, being financially stable, feeling healthy, will take hard work and determination. We want to help you develop and achieve your ambitions. 

Who do we contact if we have questions? 

Have questions about Ambition Scholarships? Email

Have questions about the Ambition app? Email

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