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Where Growth Happens.

The Ambition app is a powerful tool designed for everyday thriving, empowering teens to take control of their personal and professional development. With a wide range of resources and features, the app helps teens set and achieve their goals, providing the support and guidance they need to succeed.

We Expedite The Growth Of Critical Thinking Skills.

Teens have the opportunity to choose from a comprehensive and diverse library of skill-building courses designed to equip them with the tools they need to excel both in their careers and personal lives. These courses cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that each teen can find the resources that best match their individual needs and goals.








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30-day simulated internships expose teens to diverse career paths while equipping them with actionable skills and real-world experience. These internships are designed to help teens thrive in the workforce, providing practical knowledge and insights into various industries.

Multi-part courses on topics surrounding executive functions, social-emotional learning, and life skills; skills critical to living a thriving life, but might not be taught in school. Think financial literacy, relationships, or time and management. 

Teen Gain Resources To Fund Their Ambition.

On the Ambition app, teens are rewarded for developing themselves. For each 30-day internship completed, a teen earns $100 that they can redeem in the form of gift cards from their favorite brands.

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Teens Cultivate Their Support Network 

Through “The Village” feature, teens will be able to cultivate a supportive network of their real life supporters like family members, mentors, coaches, and youth pastors. Supporters will be encouraged to sponsor students' learning and provide encouragement and advice as requested by the teens they support. 

Teens Explore and Find Opportunities

Imagine a personalized opportunity board, in your pocket. Through the Opportunities feature, teens will be introduced to opportunities that match their age, stage, interest, and location - opportunities like after-school programs, jobs, scholarships, and colleges and trade schools. 

A small investment from you can go a long way. Become an Ambition Angel Today!

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Our Vision is Clear.

We want to connect with every teenager, similar to the reach of social media, but with a transformative impact, especially on the most underserved. Our aim is to enrich, empower, and uplift young lives. This is a big goal, yet it's achievable. With Ambition, we have the potential to alter the course of an entire generation for good.

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