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National Ambition Student Leadership Alliance (NASLA)

💰💰  A paid leadership opportunity for high schoolers!  💰💰


What is NASLA?

The National Ambition Student Leadership Alliance (NASLA) is an opportunity for students to build their leadership skills, shape an early EdTech product, and get paid for being the voice of the students. Leaders are given the opportunity to share their feedback and ideas about the Ambition app,  test new features before they're launched, and be the first to try new courses.

Why should I join NASLA?

There are 4 simple reasons to join NASLA:

1. You
get paid for telling others about the Ambition app. Payments come in the form of gift cards. 💰💰💰

2. You
earn exclusive bonuses and rewards that only NASLA members get access to.

3. You
gain valuable leadership experience that you can add to your college and scholarship resume.

4. You
receive access to exclusive summer internships that are only for NASLA members.

How does NASLA work?

1. Sign up to be a National Ambition Student Leader using the form below.

2. Respond to occasional texts and emails regarding opportunities to share your feedback and ideas, test new features and courses, and try new rewards.

Get others to sign up on the Ambition app with your own personal code. We'll help you with this. You get $5 for each teen you get to sign up and complete a course. If you get 25, 50, or 100 teens to complete a course, you'll get extra bonuses at each of those milestones. 

Receive your referral gift cards and updates on your progress, each week.

Interested in joining or want to learn more about NASLA? Sign up below and we'll contact you.

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