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Decisions 101

Making Decisions

Consider then choose

Learn how to consider your options and make thoughtful decisions.

Day 1

Identify the situation

Recognize decision points

Learn to realize when you're making decisions so you can be more aware of the decisions you're making.

Realize your options

Remember that you have options and be creative in discovering them.

Day 2

Consider the future

Consequences & probability

Think through the potential consequences associated with each option and how likely those consequences are.

Conflicts & trade-offs

Think through what you'd be accepting and rejecting with each option and potential conflicts that might be created.

Day 3

Balance your considerations

Head decisions

Explore how to use logic, analysis, and thoughts when making decisions.

Heart decisions

Explore how to use your feelings, emotions, and instincts when making decisions.

Day 4

Increase your understanding

Research and guidance

Search online, talk to people, and experience for yourself before making decisions.


Explore the importance of being responsible for your own decisions and learn how to take control.

Day 5

Make a decision

Choose, commit, and try

Choose from your options, commit to your choice, and try to make it work.

Assess, learn, and adjust

Assess what's happening, learn from your assessment, and adjust based on your learnings.

Day 6

Other situations

Group decision making

Explore the process of how multiple individuals can come together to make a group decision.

Tough decisions

Explore ways to deal with the tough decisions that are unavoidable in life.

Day 7

My decision making plan

Decisions 101 recap

Review the lessons in Decisions 101 and commit to your decision making plan.

Finish the program

Take the last few steps needed to complete the program.

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