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Ambition 101

Blueprint For Ambition

Chase your dreams

Learn practical strategies to think through and take steps towards your ambitions.

Day 1

The Dream: Your Visions & Missions

Dream BIG

Explore the importance of big dreams, then capture your ambitions in different areas, like your career dreams, your financial dreams, your family dreams, and more.

Understand your WHYs

Explore your purpose and reasons WHY your ambitions are important to you, because your WHYs will empower you to take risks and motivate you to push through tough times.

Day 2

The Plan: Work Smart & Work Hard

Set goals

Explore the power of goals and different goal-setting methods, then set short-term and long-term goals that get you closer to one of your dreams.

Be action-oriented

Explore how to go from thinking about something to doing it, then take action on one of your goals.

Day 3

The Hustle: Find & Make Opportunity

Search for opportunity

Explore ways to seek out opportunities instead of waiting for them to come to you, then find an opportunity related to one of your ambitions.

Create an opportunity

Explore the process of developing “luck,” then identify a potential opportunity and design a plan to make it happen.

Day 4

The Grind: Manage & Maintain Effort

List your tasks

Explore the importance of managing your tasks so nothing slips through the cracks, then list some of the tasks that you need to complete.

Design your schedule

Explore why you should manage your time, then block out your ideal schedule.

Day 5

The Grind: Manage & Maintain Effort

Stay motivated

Explore strategies to stay motivated and push yourself to be more efficient, then try some techniques to see if they work for you.

Fail forward

Explore ways to learn and grow from the inevitable failure you’ll experience throughout your journey, then reflect on your own past failures.

Day 6

The Success: Look Back & Give Back

Celebrate wins

Explore strategies for celebrating small and big achievements to reward yourself for your hard work, then actually celebrate something you’ve accomplished.

Reflect often

Explore the power of reflection and different strategies to store and learn from experiences and memories, then reflect on something that you’ve experienced recently.

Day 7

My Blueprint to Success

Ambition 101 recap

Review the lessons in Ambition 101 and commit to your ambitions.

Finish the program

Take the last few steps needed to complete the program.

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