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Money 101

Managing Money

Get good with money

Learn the basics of managing your finances and improving your money habits.

Day 1

Preparing for money

Money mindset

Explore how to develop a healthy money mindset so you can have a positive relationship with money.

Earning power

Explore how to increase or decrease your earning power by changing different variables.

Day 2

Money options

Spending money

Explore the importance of being aware of your spending habits and spending money wisely.

Saving money

Explore why you should save money to protect yourself from financial emergencies and to make big purchases.

Day 3

Money options

Investing money

Explore how you can find ways to use your money to make more money.

Giving money

Explore the importance of thinking about those who need support and doing what you can to help.

Day 4

Organizing money


Explore the importance of creating a budget to help you manage your spending.

Banking basics

Explore how you should use banks to keep your money safe and accessible.

Day 5

Other money sources


Explore the importance of being entrepreneurial to create opportunities for yourself.

Borrowing money

Explore why you may want to borrow money to make investments.

Day 6

More money tips

Pay for school

Explore the importance of thinking creatively to find funding for college or trade school.

Money tools

Explore why you should leverage existing tools to help you manage your money.

Day 7

My money plan

Money 101 recap

Review the lessons in Money 101 and commit to managing your money.

Finish the program

Take the last few steps needed to complete the program.

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