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Communication 101

Effective Communication

Get the point

Learn strategies for sending and receiving communications with others.

Day 1

Basic communication

Listening & interpreting

Explore the importance of being an active listener and making sure you're interpreting communication correctly.

Code switching

Explore the importance of using different communication in different settings to make sure you're being effective and appropriate.

Day 2

Delivering communication

Voice & eye contact

Explore the importance of varying your voice and maintaining eye contact when communicating.

Body language

Explore the importance of reading body language and using your whole body to send the right messages.

Day 3

Online communication

Private messaging

Explore what you should keep in mind when you are sending and receiving private messages.

Social media

Explore the importance of being safe and strategic when communicating on social media.

Day 4

Honorable communication

Honesty & integrity

Explore what it means to communicate with honesty and integrity and why they are important.

Gossip & rumors

Explore why you shouldn't gossip or spread rumors when communicating with others.

Day 5

Important communication

Hard conversations

Explore why hard conversations are necessary and tips for making them easier and more effective.


Explore the importance of apologizing when you make mistakes as a way to start making amends.

Day 6

Helpful communication


Explore the importance of giving and receiving feedback as a way to grow and help others.

Asking for help

Explore why you should be asking for help and ways to go about getting help.

Day 7

My communication plan

Communication 101 recap

Review the lessons in Communication 101 and commit to your communication plan.

Finish the program

Take the last few steps needed to complete the program.

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