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Mindset 101

Ambitious Mindset

Get your mind right

Learn how to improve the most important factor for success, your mindset.

Day 1

My Mental Health: I Can Cope & Thrive

Manage emotions

Explore the importance of your mental health and how to cope with your strong feelings and emotions, then try a coping strategy.

Manage physical health

Explore how getting enough sleep, being active, and eating right affects your mental health, then come up with a plan for your physical health.

Day 2

My Future: It’s Possible

Balance time perspective

Explore why you should balance your past, present, and future outlooks, then reflect on your own time perspective.

Have a growth mindset

Explore the importance of believing you can improve your abilities, then try ways to develop your growth mindset.

Day 3

My Attitude: I Can Do It

Practice positive thinking

Explore the connection between a positive outlook and a positive outcome, then design a plan to be positive.

Build self-confidence

Explore the importance of being confident in yourself and your abilities, then try different strategies to increase your self-confidence.

Day 4

My Power: I’m In Control

Take ownership

Explore why you should take control over your life and your ambitions, then design a plan to take ownership of your future.

Manage outside pressure

Explore different types of pressure you will face and how to handle them, then reflect on your own outside pressure.

Day 5

My Possibilities: I Have Options

Make thoughtful decisions

Explore how your mindset affects your decisions and how to consider your options, then think through a decision.

Take calculated risks

Explore the importance of trying something that may be helpful to you even if there is a chance of failing, then identify a risk you can take.

Day 6

My Resilience: I’m Unstoppable

Make adversity an advantage

Explore why hard times are unavoidable and how surviving them makes you stronger, then reflect on your own adversity.

Avoid pitfalls

Explore common tricks that your mind tries to play on you to stop your ambitions, then create a plan to avoid those pitfalls.

Day 7

My Ambitious Mindset

Mindset 101 recap

Review the lessons in Mindset 101 and commit to your mindset.

Finish the program

Take the last few steps needed to complete the program.

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