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Empowering Teens to Thrive

Join us in our mission to transform smartphones into tools of personal and professional growth for teens.

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Black boy at school on phone.jpg
Black boy at school on phone.jpg

The Problem

Where are teens supposed to learn the skills to thrive in work and life?

Too many teens don't have opportunities to learn work and life skills. And unfortunately, these opportunity gaps are widening.

  • School?  Schools focus on academic topics and often ignore 21st-century skills. There aren't AP classes for goal-setting, decision-making, or financial literacy.

  • After-school programs?  Youth programs are struggling to engage teens. Only 11% of high schoolers are enrolled in after-school programs.

  • Home?  Most parents aren't educators and aren't equipped to effectively teach their teens life skills, so they mainly focus on supporting and guiding their teens.

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The Solution

The Ambition app empowers teens to take their development into their own hands. 

We're solving an age-old problem with a new solution, meeting teens where they're at; on their phones.

  • Teens are rewarded for daily personal and professional development through short, interactive lessons.

  • Teens pick their path, engaging with content designed specifically for Black and brown youth.

  • Instead of paying adults to develop teens, we reward teens for developing themselves.

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The Leaders

Ambition Angels: Your Partner 
in Creating Impact

With expertise and a proven approach, Ambition Angels guide teenagers towards realizing their full potential.

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Remi Sobomehin


"My parents ran youth nonprofits throughout my childhood and instilled in me a dedication to serve divested communities.  All of our youth deserve the highest quality investments, and when that reality comes to fruition, we all benefit."

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Demetric Sanders

Tech Partner

"I overcame childhood adversity to achieve a dream of becoming a first-generation college graduate. Now I build technology to help kids achieve their dreams. If we can close the opportunity gaps that lead to achievement gaps, we can give every kid a chance."

Your Support Unlocks their Future



Your generosity provides teens with access to our ambition-cultivating app


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Funds go toward creating content and support within the app to mentor teens


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See the real-world effects of your contributions through updates and stories

A small investment from you can go a long way. Become an Ambition Angel Today!

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Our vision is clear.

We want to connect with every teenager, similar to the reach of social media, but with a transformative impact, especially on the most underserved. Our aim is to enrich, empower, and uplift young lives. This is a big goal, yet it's achievable. With Ambition, we have the potential to alter the course of an entire generation for good.

Join the movement.

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