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Help equip underserved teens with the skills needed to thrive in school, their careers, and life.

The next generation is at risk. But together, we can prepare them for success.

Let's invest in teens, so they can invest in themselves.

*Ambition Angels is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Our tax ID is 87-2513010. 


Ambition Angels is on a mission to scale youth development through technology. 

We're a national solution to a national problem.


Instead of paying rent and staff to develop teens, we reward teens for developing themselves on their phones.

And we make it very easy for teens to develop themselves.

Our free, asynchronous mobile courses are available to all teens anytime, anywhere. Teens have autonomy over which courses to take, and they complete lessons at their own pace.


Quick question: Where are teens supposed to learn the executive functioning, life, and social emotional skills needed to thrive in today's world? 

School?  Schools focus on academic topics and often ignore 21st-century skills. There aren't AP classes for goal-setting, decision-making, or financial literacy.

After-school programs?  Youth programs are struggling to engage teens. Only 11% of high schoolers are enrolled in after-school programs.

Home?  Most parents aren't educators and aren't equipped to effectively teach their teens life skills, so they mainly focus on supporting and guiding their teens.

The sad reality is, too many teens don't have opportunities to be taught critical life skills. And unfortunately, these opportunity gaps are widening.

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The Ambition app is a tool for everyday thriving, empowering teens to take their personal development into their own hands.

On the Ambition app, teens earn rewards for completing short skill development courses that help them be more college-ready, career-ready, and adult-ready.

Each course is 7-days long and lessons take ~15 minutes per day to complete. Lessons are interactive and consist of videos, quizzes, and skill-building activities.






course completion


course-to-course retention 

95% of teens have smartphones and average eight hours a day on them, so we meet them where they're at.


“One thing I'm going to change after this program is the way I plan my goals and the way I follow through with them. I now have strategies and steps to make sure I do complete them, and I am going to use them every time I set a new goal.”

Jade, 14 years old

Image by Yingchou Han

“One thing I'm going to change after this program is the way in which I convey messages to people. Whether it be apologizing or asking for help from somebody, I'll be sure to do it in the correct way.”

Jason, 17 years old

Communication 101

Image by Tim Mossholder

“One thing I'm going to change after this program is the type of mindset I have, because I used to have a fixed mindset, but while going through this program, I realized it's better to have a growth mindset, and I'm going to work towards it.”

Emily, 16 years old

Goals 101

Mindset 101

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